A community based e-commerce platform

ZAGL Social Shopping is a mobile app based e-commerce platform that let’s you build and sell to your audience

Concept #01

Build your audience

At the heart of Zagl is the idea of building a community of people who are interested in your offering. Potential customers can follow your shop on Zagl App essentially forming your audience who are more likely to buy from you or help spread the word on social media.

Concept #02

Engage with your audience

Stay connected with your followers by posting product updates which shows up in the what’s new feed. Send each update as a push notification which is a powerful way of engaging with your audience. So Zagl let’s you build and communicate with your community with ease.

Concept #03

Sell directly

With an integrated checkout your followers can view what’s new and purchase straight away from within the app. In this way Zagl let’s you build a community of potential customers, target them with relevant product updates and promotions and sell directly to them.


Zagl Social Shopping is a platform that combines the e-commerce benefits of Shopify with the community building aspects of Facebook

Getting Started #01

Setup your store in minutes

You can sign up with your email for free and create you store, including setting up your products and linking your bank account. Within minutes your store is ready for business

Getting Started #02

Invite your customers on social media

Each store is given a unique short link and a QR code which makes sharing so much easy. In a few taps you can share your shop on your Facebook page and other social media platforms. It’s also easy for your customers to share your shop and updates to their friends.

Getting Started #03

Manage orders on your mobile

You can receive and process your orders using a companion app built specially for store owners and managers. Download ZStore App from AppStore and Google Play and manage orders on the go.

Simple Pricing

We charge a small handling fee for each order which is futher lowered to support micro-transactions. No monthly subscription. No percentage commissions.

United States
Micro Transactions
per order + GST
for orders less than $20

Other Transactions
per order + GST
for orders more than $20

Credit card handling charges extra. Payments processed directly on your Stripe Account

How does it work for my customer?

We have created a dedicated page to explain how Zagl App will work from your customer point-of-view.
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Cafe & Restaurant

Zagl is also a commission free online ordering app for your cafe or restaurant. There are absolutely no hidden cost or percentage commissions. If you are looking for an alternate solution for UberEats / Menulog / JustEat / GrubHub then Zagl is for you.

Getting Started Guide

School Canteens

Online ordering for school canteens is required for parents to place orders for their children online eliminating the need to queue up in the morning to place orders. We have schools successfully using Zagl for their canteens, talk to us for more info.

Getting Started Guide

Fashion & Retail

You can setup a fashion or retail store on Zagl at the moment. But be informed that we are building a customized product display and checkout flow for fashion and retail shops. To get to know when it’s ready please follow us on twitter.

More Information

Other Shops

We have custom checkout flows that should accomodate your needs. Please let us know if you have got any special requirement and our team will assist you in the setup process.

Customize Checkout Guide

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a monthly subscription charges?

No. Zagl only charges a small handling fee for each transaction as shown in the pricing above and there are no subscription charges.

Do you also offer website or e-commerce portal?

No. Zagl is totally mobile based and hence we do not offer a web portal.

How do you process payments?

Credit card charges are directly made to your Stripe Account. So we do not have access to any of your funds. Read this blog post for more information.

Are there any long-term commitments or cancellation fee?

No. There are no minimum commitment or lock-in contract. You can close the store any time you wish.

What countries do you support?

Right now you can setup stores for selling in United States, United Kingdom and Australia. We are planning to support more countries in future. Please write to support@zagl.io if you would like to see your country supported.

Can I open multiple stores?

Absolutely. You can open as many stores as you like. There is no restriction on the number of stores you can open on Zagl

Is there a review process?

Yes. Every shop that is created on Zagl is manually reviewed by our team for completeness and to ensure other shops in the platform are not cluttered with incomplete shops. Read this blog post for more information on the review process.

How to migrate my shopify store to Zagl?

Right now you have to manually create your shopify store in Zagl. We have plans to build shopify integration such that you can use your shopify store as a backend for your Zagl shop.

Do you expose an API?

No. Right now we have not exposed any API. If you would like to interact with Zagl using an API please write to support@zagl.io explaining your usecase and we will get back to you.

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